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Emmy Lu
 World Renowned Artist

  "Famously known as a happy colorist"


Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or an individual seeking a touch of exclusive brilliance to your personal space, originals and limited Editions from a world renowned artist, Emmy Lu will captivate your senses  and leave you perpetually mesmerized. 

Global Color Perspectives

star 40 x 24.jpg

Star                                  24" x 40"



Mahogany                         24" x 40"



Smooth                             24" x 40"



Modely                              24" x 40"


attreyante 18 x 12.jpg
birth suit.jpg

Attreyante                        36" x 24"


Colorful Birth Suit          40" x 27"


Collector's Choice                                                              Emmy Lu masterpieces 

"A progressive artistry with distinction"                                        Los Angeles Times 

*All material on this website is Federally protected, No unauthorized graphic and/or any other form of representation is permitted without full consent from herein stated artist as Emmy Lu. Any infringement of
 Emmy Lu's creative property rights will be dealt with severe legal remedies.*

Serious Gallery Inquiries Only.  
Contact: 310-971-1496

By Appointment Only


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