Emmy Lu

World Class Artist

Emmy Lu is a Beverly Hills based artistic icon, surrounded by all the trappings of celebrity, ambience and the smell of money. It is indeed also true that most of these glamorous protuberances intertwined with this enviable enclave this effusive artist has painted. Emmy is rated among the most creative and financially successful avant-garde artists in the world. His intriguing works of art represent a man whose ideas are sentimentally lofty and fervid. Art critics refer to him as a "Happy colorist".

Perhaps the biggest endorsement of his artistry comes from the many celebrities, notable business executives and prominent politicians who have acquired his masterpieces. His art adorns many international hotels, major corporations and private residences. His paintings have occasionally been showcased at the Grammy Awards ceremonies and other "Hollywood Industry" engagements. Emmy's musical concepts have been used for CD covers and other music outlets. Emmy's recent prominent street scene paintings reflect the glamor and exclusivity of the city of Beverly Hills. For his numerous artistic charitable contributions, he has received commendations from the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Atlanta, London and Frankfurt in Germany. His work has been exhibited in prominent museums and international galleries. His pieces have also been featured in leading newspapers such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Beverly Hills Courier, Santa Monica News, London Times, Flash news in Japan,  Ecklinger Zeitung, Filder Zeitung in Germany and Nairobi Times in Kenya.

As an efficacious artist-entrepreneur, Emmy Lu owns a residence and gallery in the hart of Beverly Hills. Further to his creative and business excesses, he served as a co- producer for the Pre-Grammy Awards Party which preceded the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.
Emmy is a graduate from Margaret School of Art, which was an affiliate of London school of art. He  went through the training of a great draftsman and realistic British painter, Professor Cecil Todd who for two years lectured him in painting and art history. Emmy also gained skills in drawing from the tutorship of world renowned British author and zoologist, Jonathan Kingdon who has written numerous books on African mammals and a prominent research associate of Oxford University. Emmy combined the academic expert foundations of both lecturers to develop an advanced skilled creative component, which highly elevated his artistic talent from the natural one he exhibited at such an early age of three to the current creative prowess.

Emmy's  early business mentor was Chris Kirubi. A very successful entrepreneurial Kenyan mogul.  
This business wizard is rated by Forbes business profile as one of the richest business individuals in Africa.                Chris was Emmy Lu's first high value client who regularly purchased his work and strongly encouraged him to advance his promising talent to another financially rewarding professional level.
"You must develop higher skills in painting and above all, despite your university art education, be ready to learn the crucial strategies of managing your art business by surrounding yourself with important entities in society. These individuals will expand your pecuniary benefits and recognition. Elevate your university background from theory to practical. The rewards are humongous. Remember young man, It is not always how hard you work, it is how strategically smart you think and operate." said Chris Kirubi, CK
Emmy took to heart this free advice and he determinedly accelerate his artistic path to international recognition.
Chris Kirubi, whose name is cemented in major local Kenyan and international business affiliations unfortunately  passed away recently from cancer ailment. He certainly left a permanent dent to Emmy's artistic blossom.

Emmy Lu takes great pride in having been among the first 10 artists in the world to publish their works in a digital format currently popularly known as Iris Giclée. He was instrumental in bringing its awareness to main stream galleries. He relentlessly accelerated marketing his work in the new digital configuration which was from the start met with high skepticism from many mainstream art dealers. Emmy truly believed that, like any other new technology, Giclée printing would revolutionize the art business, opening doors to many artists to self publish. He was not wrong. Giclées are  the leading art publishing formats which can ubiquitously be seen and purchased. He must also be commended for his bold approach to business. As a result, some pragmatic artists have benefited from his advisory and have also internationally become recognizable names in the art world.

Emmy Lu remains a vanguard of artistic progress, proliferating a uniquely diverse array of imaginative drudgery, touching minds and hearts of many viewers and buyers who admirably appreciate his art with its ethereal beauty.

"Emmy Lu, indeed a pioneering genius of our time."
Los Angels Times

At the Emmys

Emmy Lu arrived on the scene in Los Angeles in 1994. He tried in vain to strike gallery representation deals. He instead made 
a bold move to display his artistry, rent free, at the junction of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland. At that time, a segment of of this location was barricaded pending future development. It is at this same spot where the Kodak Theater majestically stands. Emmy twice attended the Oscars by special invitation and he was greatly inspired to freeze his part of his artistic history in this magnificent painting titled "The Oscars."

The Osars



Emmy Lu is a Beverly Hills based artistic icon, sorrounded by all the trappings of celebrity, ambience and the smell of money. It is indeed also true that most of these glamorous protruberances intertwined with this enviable enclave this effusive artist has painted. Emmy is rated among the top most selling and avon-garde artists in the world. His intriguing works of art represent a man whose creative ideas are sentimantally lofty and fervid. He is a transcedental artistic maestro who approaches his inventiveness with sincererity and ardent disciplined travail of inmmaginative judgement. The press refers to him as "A Happy colorist". Although he is known for his philarthropic propensity in supporting various charitable causes, he must also be commended for his unselfish efforts and desire he exudes advising and helping other artists to learn the mothods of marketing their work and making it to the top by beating all odds in a highly competitive tough profession. Some known names in the art world whom Emmy has rendered his adivisory have also become intenational icons. 

Emmy's eclectic and prolific prompesity has been compared to that of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali by some art critics. There is charm to Emmy's work. There is no medium he has touched without dexterous expertise. Despite his accomplishments and elevating comparisons, Emmy exhitbits no signs of self-assertion. It is indeed a compound of modesty and great talent which makes Emmy Lu's creativite uniqueness great treasure to those who collect his brilliance. His amazing works of art have been exhibited in museums, reputable galleries and also featured in recognizable international fashion and interior decor magazines.

Perhaps the biggest endorsement of his artistry comes from the many celebrities, notable business exectives and politicians who have acquired his masterpieces. His art adorns many international hotels and major corporations. His paintings have been showcased at Grammy Awards parties and other "Holywood Industry" engagements.   

His musical concepts have also been used for CD covers and other music media outltes. His artistic charitable contributions have been officially commended by the cities of  Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Atlanta and Frankfurt. Feature articles about his work appear in leading newspapers such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times,  Beverly Hills Courier, Santa Monica News, NewYork Times, London Times, Flash news in Japan, Ecklinger Zeitung and Filder Zeitung in Germany.

Suffice to say, Emmy's work has gained much commercial success, it is nonetheless not void of recogonizable academic background befitting a grauate from Margaret Trowelschool of Art, formally an affiliate of London Shoool of Art. Emmy Lu tremendously benefitted from a great draftsman and realistic British painter Professor Cecil Todd, who for two years lectured him in painting and History of Art. Emmy also gained years' skills in drawing from the training of world renowned British author, Jonathan Kingdon. The latter has written numerous books on African mammals, a prominent research associate of Oxford University and winner of the 1993 Silver medal of the Zoology Society of London.    Emmy must have combined Professor Todd's expert taining in color balance and detailed compositional approach to painting with Jonathan Kingdon's instructions in Life drawing and anatomical analysis to develope a highly skilled creative component. With such a rich artistic background cemented by such revered academicians, he was well-suited to embark on a long artistic trek and forge his own dramatic identity.

Emmy Lu has at this juncture established an indelible  mark on universl creativity with his breathtaking fertile immagination. He continues to advance a truly coginitive profesional product with absolute mastery. He continues to transform his unorthodox artistic legacy into an admirable virtuoso. It is this progressive mindset anchored in an evolvoing experimental visual construct which has catapulted this versalite artistic magnet to international recognition. Emmy remains a symbolic vanguard of unimpeded imaginative specrum. Like any artist, threatening waves of failure have in the past struck to nullify his progress. He has nonetheless always unflinchingly steered his business ship back to straight course. Emmy Lu takes great pride in having been among the first 10 artists to publish their work in a digital format currently referred to as Giclée. He unsuccessfully tried to convince mainstream galleries to showcase his work in the new art ordonnance.   

Most art dealers were nervous handling something time had not tested yet. Emmy Lu resorted to marketing his work with surrogates to intrepid art buyers. In a few years the rest was history. Giclées are now seen everywhere as a legitimate and faster way of publishing fine art.                                 


Thanks to Emmy Lu's relentless innitiatives.

Emmy Lu embarked on a globe trotting journey not even knowing the bearings of his final destination. His artistic world has sometimes been armorphous but he has gallantly dwelt in it with vigor short of self pitty. His determination to attain higher goals has challenged him to perfom audaciously. Using his immense creative prowess and business sagacity he has affably spearheaded his creative mission to deserving global success, owning his own gallery in Beverly Hills.

A diffident constructive artist, Emmy exposes to the world pallatable intallectual assemblages which challenge our imagination. Creating a continuum of compound reflections of our society and its sorroundings, this multi dimensinal artist dramatizes his canvasses with ideas presented not to merely please the eyes but to instigate an inner conversation. He indeed actuates spatial concepts contigous to our own personal bearings. Emmy conjors dainty colorful composites magnetic to our eagerly searching eye. Emmy renders to a cadre of artistic excellence profusely embbedded in ethereal doctrine amassed in opulent ideas. There are confines of hidden meanings in every piece produced by such an exempolary brain power. It is without a doubt this very spirit of artistic adventurism which make Emmy Lu's ubiquitous proficiency highly notable and destined to stand the test of time jettisoning his years legacy into sunsets of art history.

Emmy Lu, a true artist proliferating a uniquely diverse array of imaginative drudgery touching hearts and minds of many viewers who sincerely admire and appreciate his art form and its beauty. Credit must also be assigned to those individuals who encouraged and supported his artistic development as well as those who handisomely keep purchasing his work.


"Emmy Lu, indeed a pioneering genius of our time."  Los Angeles Times